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Grace Indeed 

To start off and perhaps state the obvious a singers main instrument is made of two tiny little rubber band like chords in the throat. My poor vocal chords began the week before my first record celebration for Windows surrounded by infection that a round of antibiotics and a week off of work hadn't yet killed. I was panicking, but a small fraction- like 8% was trusting I could pull it off. 

The RSVP's were in. A big fancy house booked. Food, wine, babysitters, band hired, download cards and cd's ready to go. I rehearsed through the sore throat and low energy all week. I went to work and panicked more. My trust at about 3% now, but 3% was still something to work with.

I picked up my best friend Beth, who flew in from Boston for the show to support me. Just seeing her made the Grace-o-meter go up to 25%. We stopped for Kombucha, Coconut water, protein, and more throat losenges before heading back to my city cottage to chill and TRY not to talk though we hadn't been in the same room together for over 2 years. 



I awoke Saturday morning with a wretched sore throat, total depletion, and a heavy dose of anxiety. How was I going to pull this off tonight? Do I call my fairy god doctor Skylar for a vitamin B rock star shot in the ass? I decided to stay in my cave with the covers over my head and listen to native flute music in the dark.





My husband and bass player Matt went out and got more honey, lemon and zinc. He took Beth for a hike while I slept and freaked out. Matt picked up, packed up and set up every single thing we needed for the event, which was two cars full of PA equipement, and all our instruments. By the time he set off to set up I felt like I was on drugs about to have a bad trip, but I still had a little voice in my head telling me WE were going to pull this off. Duh Aim, you are not in this alone, which brought me up to 13% trust. 



An hour and a half before I needed to get in the car Beth made me do yoga, put on pre-show music, and jump around my house. I took a shower and put my face on bringing me to 45% trust. I got a text from the head of music relations at YouTube telling me she was coming to the show which jacked me to 68%.

I drove to the gig and entered a beautiful home on the water. Pam, Jeri and Matt already there and setting up in the large yet intimate space. Our house host Lisa made us welcome and comfortable to make her space our own for the next 6 hours. We sound checked, which was the first time I actually sang all day to see if I had a voice that didn't sound lika a 6 year old with swollen glands. I knew I had enough voice to get me through the set. 72%.

As I escaped for the remaining time to a big sunny room upstairs I listened to the guests arrive. I ate apples. I listened to Pam and Jeri do a short set and felt overwhelmingly grateful they were on this journey with me. I listened for curator of Inside Lands House Concert Series and friend Drew Pearce to announce my name.  I walked into a reality I wasn't sure I could trust would come that morning. I landed in my place behind a mic and a piano, with my band at my side and a room full of loving listeners and I sang, which brought me to 92%.  ​​​​​​​



                      Jeri Jones and Pam Delgado                           


 Jeri and covering Accordingly by Chris Whitley

To top off my evening my a now twenty year old friend Myles, who we have watched grow since he was five  came on his own accord to support us, which brought me to a full 100%. Grace indeed.


                             Happy Band












Graces of the Week. There is Light On The Surface 

Keep it simple. Step into the next right movement. Plant your feet on the ground with out shoes as much as possible. Spend time watching bugs, butterflies and birds.

Eat or drink green stuff a few times day.

Bring more of yourself to the world than you may feel comfortable with, because when you do it allows people to know you and be more of themselves too.

Wear color often. Colors deep as caverns.

Move things around your home often so the energy of your own sanctuary doesn't stagnate.

Watch the light on the surface.








Look at everyone with out exception as if they are 5. Remember that the entire spectrum of people you see during the day all have deep challenges they walk through.

 Remember that when people are being horrible they are usually in fear.









(Me age 5)


Sing. it helps calm you down like hanging out with animals, like getting paid.  If you don't feel like you know  what the next phase of your life is going to look like, look down at your feet and remember that all you need to do is take the next right step.


Ask out loud even if no one is around for some help.

Say it now. Help.

Now trust it will come because it ALWAYS does when you ask.

Say thank you when it does.












Stop for a minute, look out the window and ask yourself what were the graces of the week?