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Amie Penwell

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Dragon Productions Theatre Company, 2120 Broadway St., Redwood City, California 94063




Prepare to be inspired, uplifted, and moved, as passionate authors, artists and musicians who use creativity to heal speak from the heart and shine their lights, sharing personal stories, songs, and art at a special live, and streaming online, multi-media event. Features live performances by nine artists (primarily from the San Francisco Bay Area) and includes an hour of video highlights from conversations recorded with 45 artists, musicians, and authors from around the world who are creating to heal.

Please note: all performances will be recorded and streamed live (and/or uploaded) here on this event page. This will be a family friendly performance for the first three hours. The last hour will include live performances featuring adult topics with mature themes.

Live Performances Featuring:*










ANNE CAROL MITCHELL is a nature-based songwriter and composer who crafts sounds from the earth. Her story is creating feeling states where stories and landscapes come alive through her music.

KIMBERLYE GOLD is a singer/songwriter who honed her craft living in the trenches of LA/NY/Nashville for decades. Her story is battling a rollercoaster of chronic situational depression/anxiety and other stress related challenges, and finding joy, gratitude, love and connection from playing her music for seniors and being of service to other folks in need.

FRANCES ANCHETA is a singer songwriter, acoustic musician, and creative arts/recreation therapist from San Francisco. Her story is one of surviving both post partum depression and breast cancer, exploring themes of life observation, self introspection and acceptance, and diversity and inclusion for all.

DEBORAH J. HAMOURIS is a performer, composer, songwriter, teacher, choral director, event producer and community organizer. Her story was going through the shock of breast cancer diagnosis, followed by a year of treatment and writing songs, which became “1 in 8”: music and stories to illuminate the experience of a cancer patient.

AMIE PENWELL is a singer-songwriter who combines elements of Rock, with dashes of R&B and Soul who believes all of us are trying to better navigate and understand our roles, plights, masks, defenses, and reactions to this world. Her story is using her music to give voice to our own truths, realities, power, fear of that power, and need to admit powerlessness before true change proceeds.

STEVE EULBERG is a folk musician, singer-songwriter and music educator. His is a story of how art and singing daily with children have helped him to process and overcome thyroid cancer and the fear of losing his voice from the resulting surgery, and regain what he has lost.

LISA SNIDERMAN is an award-winning artist known as Aoede, playwright and author. Her story is battling a rare progressive muscle weakness disease for more than 10 years while obsessively creating to heal, and becoming a light to others struggling with chronic illness, disability or life challenges. (with DAVID SANDS)

FRANCESCA is a performing artist known as Francesca della Luna Invernale. Her story is one of struggling with her gender identity for most of her life, coming to accept herself only after an attempt on her life by her own hands.

EMILIA RUSSO is a poet and an activist against sexual violence. Her story is surviving two sexual assaults, as well as slowly discovering her own resilience.

*Performers/Order subject to change

Why Lights in the Darkness?

We all battle our own darkness, life challenges and illnesses. Many of us have turned to arts and music as a healing path. We create, record, and perform our music; write our stories; make and share our art to express. But we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. When we share our stories, music, and art, we help others who may be battling something similar. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, it opens the door for others to share their stories, which can continue to promote healing. We are lights in the darkness.

I am Lisa Sniderman, an award-winning folk pop artist known as Aoede, author and disabled playwright who also has been battling a rare chronic illness-a progressive muscle weakness disease (dermatomyositis) since 2008 and obsessively creating to heal. I was inspired to write my memoir: "A Light in the Darkness: Transcending Chronic Illness through the Power of Art and Attitude" (Sep 21, 2018 Crimson Cloak Publishing), spanning 10 years living with chronic illness and creating to heal, to speak to and inspire those living with chronic illness, disability, and unexpected life challenges. When I considered how to share my story, I realized I wanted most to collaborate with other artists who were creating to heal. In May, I put out a call to passionate musicians and artists who have also turned to creativity to help them heal to collaborate on a special “Lights in the Darkness” event in December 2018, focused on shining our lights and the art of healing. I was so overwhelmed by interest and offers to participate that I started a Facebook community: "Lights in the Darkness-Creating to Heal," which has grown to more than 160 artists. This December 16th special "lights in the darkness" event will be an opportunity for me to also share my own "A Light in the Darkness" story through a unique live/streamed musical performance and book reading.

Inspiration for 'Conversations on Creating to Heal' Videos

One piece that was important to me was giving everyone who was interested access to participate and share their stories, which can't easily happen with one live performance in one geographic location. I also wanted you to be able to watch and have internet access from wherever you are. This prompted me to offer to include participation via video and to stream the live event. Because of such strong interest, between August and November, I interviewed via video 45 artists, musicians and authors from around the world who use creativity to heal, and will share all of the 'Conversations on Creating to Heal' videos in an online showcase between December 9th and December 16th at:, as well as showing/streaming an hour of video highlights during the December 16th event.

Bay Station - Love The Bay 2

FaceBook Live Stream

These are the invitations I live for. I'll be lugging my piano onto a small sail boat and joining some of my favorite humans Deborah Crooks, Kwame Copeland, Drew Pearce, Josh Mcintosh next Sunday September 2nd at 6:30 PST. for a FB livestream songwriters in the round!

Inside Lands House Concerts Presents: Amie Penwell

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Join us for an intimate house concert featuring Amie Penwell, celebrating of the release her new record, and featuring special guests Pam Delgado and Jeri Jones from the band Blame Sally.

This music party will take place in a private home in Larkspur, the ideal listening space for Amie's music—but that means space is limited. So please be sure to RSVP to to reserve your spot.

Feel free to bring a drink or a snack to share. If you have any questions, call (415) 706-3800. Looking forward to seeing you on May 12!

Cheers, Drew


Inside Lands House Concert Presents Matt Lucas, Amie Penwell , Brad Brooks at The Open Mat Oakland!

Oakland, CA (RSVP to for address)

Happy to announce I’ll be joining forces with the mighty Matt Lucas to present our first show at The OPEN MATT in Oakland on Saturday, March 18. This show will feature three of the Bay Area’s most respected singer/songwriters: Amie Penwell, Brad Brooks and our host, Matt Lucas. RSVP to to attend.

Amie Penwell's "Mercy"

Matt Lucas' "Sinister Love"

Brad Brooks' "Spinner & The Spun"

Magic Juju Boat House Concert Series Presents Amie Penwell

143 Third St., San Rafael Ca.

The first official show in a new chapter in AP story. The new characters are Pam Delgado on percussion, and Matt Penwell on bass. There will be another multi- instrumentalist coming into the fold, but that is still to be revealed. This is my favorite concert series in the Bay Area. Artists creating space and environment for other artists to thrive = my tribe. The future logo will read APB.. Please save the date and come celebrate with us!!.. I forgot to mention the 70+ vintage Pinball machines free for the playing before and after the show...

Amie Penwell Featured on Lifetime Talk Show Ask Bon Bon!

New York City

Amie will be making her network Television debut as featured guest on Lifetime Network talk show Ask Bon Bon! FIlming August 4th- Airing TBA

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