I offer a sliding scale for private readings and sessions
$45.00- $60.00  30 minute Tarot Reading
$75.00 -$95.00
 60 minute Counseling Sessions

Contact: amiepenwell@gmail.com

"I walk away from conversations with Amie feeling truly heard and seen as an individual. She has a unique way of illuminating complex situations from multiple perspectives. Amie provides insight, compassion, wisdom, and candor in equal proportions to gently guide the way to a more functional existence in a personal or professional context. I leave feeing empowered to act rather than react."
-Jennifer Lucas
First Grade Teacher
“Amie brings her whole open heart to her songwriting, her private coaching sessions and workshops. She evoked lyrics from us that still make me cry and allowed us to watch her composition process in action, and in interaction with all of us. She got non-singers to sing and non-talkers to talk. It was a powerful workshop and I hope to work with her again.”  
-Denny Dorset 
"One of the things I love about Amie's sessions and and her music is that it's a piercing, emotional experience that invokes so much in each and every person. I've witnessed this. You can tell people are very effected."
-Bonnie Bruderer

Thought Leader/ASKBONBON Show